Forests – Commercial Forestry Services Ltd


CFS is a leading Irish forestry consultancy and forest management business. The company provides a range of project management, professional advisory and technical forestry services to clients including:

Project Management

Specialising in a wide range of forestry related project management services including providing the technical directorate and secretariat of the Irish Timber Growers Association. Provision and operation of leading forestry websites including and websites, amongst others.

Forest Certification

Expertise in Forest Certification Auditing to International Forest Certification Standards. Undertaking forest certification advisory services for Group Certification Schemes and other Certificate holders, in addition to talks, Knowledge Transfer Groups and webinars on Certification. Past works included the National Pilot Project to facilitate Group Certification in Ireland.

Forest Advisory & Management

Undertaking forest management and advisory services for a wide range of forestry trusts, corporate and private clients.

Timber Harvest & Reforestation

Facilitating and managing Timber Harvesting and reforestation requirements for forestry trusts, corporate and private clients.